Therapeutic soft play

The two-storey therapeutic soft play area will provide an exciting safe area for children and young people to develop. It will offer inviting soft and safe equipment that children will want to use for fun – and perhaps hardly realise the therapeutic benefits. It will have steps, slides and other challenging landscapes and surfaces, for the development of different kinds of locomotor skills. Using light and sounds will make the soft play area especially inviting.

Benefits of soft play
  • developing social skills
  • sensory development – balance, joint position, touch
  • physical development – soft play encourages gross motor development in a safe environment: learning to step, crawl, jump, slide, climb, roll and balance are skill
  • children with special educational needs or disabilities need much more support and encouragement to overcome their challenges and to achieve their full potential – at the same time as having a lot of fun!
  • providing an environment where disabled children and their able-bodied siblings can play together