RaceRunning was introduced in Gloucestershire following support from the Cardiff Dragons RaceRunning Club and we now have an active club with children aged 3 to 17 taking part on tricycles suited to their size.

What is RaceRunning?

RaceRunning is an innovative sport for disabled people with impaired balance or difficulty supporting their weight and walking. It is a Danish invention; the first RaceRunner was constructed in 1991.

A RaceRunner is a custom-built tricycle – a ‘learner bike’ without pedals – so balance is not a problem. RaceRunning is an obvious sports option for many children and young people with cerebral palsy as well as those with arthritis and amputees.

Who benefits from RaceRunning?

For disabled people who can normally only get around in an electric or manual wheelchair or walker, RaceRunning offers the ability to move under their own power at relatively high speed.

We believe our current young RaceRunners supported by the Chamwell Centre may be Paralympians of the future!

Dr Marie Owen – our Chair of Trustees – is now an assessor for RaceRunning after attending training in Uppsala in 2017. She is part of our team of professionals and volunteers supporting young athletes who are training for national RaceRunning events.

Cardiff & Gloucester Dragons All Ability Athletics Club

Blackbridge Jubilee Athletics Track
Poplar Close, Podsmead
Gloucester GL1 5TX

Most Sundays
All ages
Contact: marieowen@doctors.org.uk

Daniel’s story

Daniel is a 10-year-old with cerebral palsy. He attends a mainstream primary school and is a wheelchair user who has difficulty standing unsupported. He has been race-running for several months and loves being upright, propelling himself around the 400m track and looking cool in his racing kit! He also enjoys riding with his sister using hand-propelled tandem bikes.